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Partly Friends Only

Hello everybody,

from today my LJ is partly friends only.
That means, furthermore my graphics are unlocked, but my private summerys (only in german) are only for my friends.

If you want to add me, please let me first know if we had something in common and write a short comment. Then I´ll decide if I add you back :)

(c) header partly friends only by sweetgirl7808

heart balloon

a little bit time

hello my dears,

it´s rainy outside and so I find now some time to show you some icons i made in the past time.
In the last weeks I looked the first 5 seasons of Supernatural, and yes you know what comes now..... icons are about Sam and Dean :)

hope you enjoy the icons.



it includes

~~ 8 Dean icons ~~
~~ 4 Sam icons ~~
~~ 1 Sam and Dean icon ~~
~~ 1 impala icon ~~
~~ 1 animated impala icon ~~
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ladybug flies


hello my dears,

this year the summer is very hot here.
But the the last days the weather is going more colder and I like it :)
And our garden is happy about the rain.

Today I want to show you some new stock icons.

I´m working about some icons from my photos but it will take some time.
Please looking forward with me together.
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my photography


now that I see that some of you are still here at LJ I decide to show you some of my photos I take.
I hope you like them.

For the future I´m planning to make some icons out of my photos. So it will be  more personal  here in my journal.
If you want to see more photos from me please look here:

But now there are some new icons.
Theme: clover
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dear friends.

I want to tell you that I will be on a little hiatus this time.
I don´t know how long, but it takes a little time.

You should know I feel fine and all things are good in my life,
so don´t worry :)

Huggs you all,

yours Linnea :)

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